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  • Internet access is vital to ensure the quality of transmission during any digital activity. Let us secure the bandwidth of your event with the 4G Bonding solution to stabilise your internet access in all situations and locations.
    $ 2 500,00 exc. vat
  • Product description missing
    $ 500,00 exc. vat
  • Extend your reach and share your content with participants around the world! Complete your training by acquiring video copyrights, a replay link for all participants or a produced promotional video.
    $ 5 000,00$ 25 000,00 exc. vat
  • Let us deliver an expert professional photographer to cover your event, and/or take pictures of your products, and/or before & after patient* pictures or any other related purpose!
    $ 500,00 exc. vat
  • Product description missing
    $ 5 000,00 exc. vat