Workstation in Anatomy and Aesthetic Treatment Class – Grant

$ 10 000,00 exc. vat

By granting one or more workstation, the expert uses your product on his/her workstation, and participants gain valuable knowledge through demonstrations given with your product. Each workstation lasts 45 minutes. Upon completion of the course, you will receive the contact details of the participants along with appraisals of your granted workstation.

This is a fantastic product to capture the full attention of dedicated VIP attendees within a very targeted scientific course which, due to its objectivity, brings a powerful branding to the topic presented.

Discover the available worksations and detailed program by clicking HERE.

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  • Visibility through our online program and newsletters
  • Your support mentioned in communications regarding the class
  • Livestream & replay for 1 week of your workstation(s) for participants
  • Use of your product/s at your workstation/s
  • Participants’ details (full name, email, phone number, specialty, and country*)**
  • Completed appraisals from participants regarding your workstation/s
  • Access to the class for 2 representatives

*Data subject to the information provided by the delegate. According to the new General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), to obtain the information of the scanned attendees, you must provide documentation to confirm your compliance regarding GDPR via your company account


  • Product for your workstation
  • Speaker name suggestion
  • Specify the workstation(s) that you would like to grant via email after placing your order. Review program by clicking here.