Intimate Classes

in Plastic Surgery.

Located in the heart of Paris, practical and deep on-the-spot learning with worldwide experts in anatomy, plastic surgery and dermatology.

About Thinkin:

The Aesthetic Academy by Dr Benjamin Ascher

For many years, I have received growing inquiries to help my peers get trained on the current techniques updates in our industry.


Although I teach and I have taught many classes, I felt the need to propose a more “one-to-one” approach with limited number of participants allowing us to address unique objectives and learning possibilities.


In my practice as a surgeon, at IMCAS as a scientific director and‒last but not least in universities as an instructor…

this question now has an answer with lots of different options we will customize together.


It thus feels natural and coherent to introduce THINKIN, a project I am leading with worldwide experts in anatomy, plastic surgery and dermatology.


These intimate gatherings are co-hosted with companies in our field to provide their

doctors what they all need: practical and deep on-the-spot learning.

New classes will be added on demand in the upcoming months.

Happy browsing and happy to share this adventure with all of you,

Our Classes




Live anatomy dissections and hands-on classes at the prestigious

“Fer à Moulin“ School of Surgery & Anatomy


Educational Objectives:


- Combination of fresh cadaver dissections, hands on, as well as

live demonstrations on basic and advanced techniques


- Focus on levels and plans for technical practice purposes

• Fatty tissues (hypodermis)

• Relation with bone and dermo-epidermic level

• Danger zones, mainly the facial artery systems and nerves



Through the combination of various formats, the best experts

transfer their knowledge on personal basic and advanced

techniques on injectables.


Educational Objectives:


Formats include:

• Videos

• Lectures & Talks

• Hands on

• Live demonstrations


Program runs over two days and includes:

Expert videos and talks in the morning

Injection workshops in the afternoon



Custom-made classes are available on demand.

Thanks to Dr Ascher expertise we can build a 1-day or 2-day program for your doctors with the necessary anatomical insights and real-time applications taking into account dangerous zones, complications...


How to book a class?

A 3-step process to book and customize your class




Step 1 -> Book a class or create your own


Step 2 -> Select your options


Step 3 -> Screenshot your order and send it for payment and final coordination to


Our Location

Thinkin is a 300-square-meter unique venue located in the heart of Paris 16th district, a few steps away from the Eiffel Tower, the Palais de Tokyo and the Avenue Montaigne. With giant windows overseeing a private garden, you can set your guests in a relaxing work environment. Fully equipped with screens, projectors and wifi, the environment has been designed and built to host intimate classes in plastic surgery. With clean lines, neutral colors and wood furniture, the space is adored both by patients who receive treatments and the doctors who perform them.


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